BIOMILQ’s Values Embody the Qualities of Strong Women

I didn’t know what supporting Leila meant exactly, but I knew that I wanted to help another driven woman bring life-changing technology to the world and we could figure out the rest.

Michelle and Leila, nearly a year after opening BIOMILQ’s doors
Michelle and Leila on a beach near San Francisco

Finding a co-founder is not too dissimilar from dating.

We are not a ‘big infant formula’ company looking to pillage and plunder in marketplaces to become the only option parents can turn to — we want to be there for parents whether they select our products or not.

left to right: Alex, Leila, Michelle, Holland, Victoria; not pictured: Charlotte, Michael, Malika, Claire, Ishi




Unlocking human potential with breakthrough mammary biotechnology.

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Unlocking human potential with breakthrough mammary biotechnology.

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