BIOMILQ’s Values Embody the Qualities of Strong Women

I didn’t know what supporting Leila meant exactly, but I knew that I wanted to help another driven woman bring life-changing technology to the world and we could figure out the rest.

So, to the confusion of family and friends, I jumped in with both feet, while maintaining my status as a full-time grad student.

Michelle and Leila, nearly a year after opening BIOMILQ’s doors
Michelle and Leila on a beach near San Francisco

Finding a co-founder is not too dissimilar from dating.

First, you begin to love things about the other person. Then, you find things that bug you about this monster you have decided to commit your working life to. And finally, when it works, you build a relationship on a foundation of mutual respect and authenticity, that underpins the good and the bad days — of which we both have had many in the last year.

We are not a ‘big infant formula’ company looking to pillage and plunder in marketplaces to become the only option parents can turn to — we want to be there for parents whether they select our products or not.

There is no way to overstate how mission-driven we are, as individuals, as a team, and as a company without sounding cheesy. Our mission and values drive every decision we make; sometimes to a fault. Our view of the future has remained unwavering from the first day we met — to ethically and sustainably bring human milk to parents who deserve better options to feed their children. To advance lactation science and begin to unwind the effects of animal agriculture on our world. To fundamentally shift the ways we unlock human potential through nutrition.

left to right: Alex, Leila, Michelle, Holland, Victoria; not pictured: Charlotte, Michael, Malika, Claire, Ishi



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Unlocking human potential with breakthrough mammary biotechnology.